St. Petersburg, Russia
Rasputin's Final Dinner

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was considered a holy man. His ability to stop the bleeding of Czarina Alexandra's son gained him favor with her and through her influence with her husband, Nicholas II.

Rasputin's behavior was questionable and considered unscrupulous. In 1916, with Czar Nicholas II at the front (World War I), and rumors that Rasputin was influencing the Czarina to press for peace with Germany, a group of Russian noblemen murdered Rasputin. (For more on the background events try this link: Rasputin )

The above photo was taken in a hidden basement room in the Yusopov Palace. The Yusopov family was very prominent, influential and close to the Russian Czars. Rasputin (shown sitting) had been lured to this private dining chamber and, after several attempts, killed.

The Palace, though somewhat plain outside (94 Moika Embankment), is quit impressive inside.

B enjoyed moving through the hidden doors and tight staircase to get to this room.

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