St. Petersburg, Russia
Views from the
North Bank of the Neva
- Part 2

The Winter Palace, built by Empress Elizabeth, has more than 700 rooms and over 2000 windows and 250 external columns. It is this palace that the Bolsheviks stormed in October 1918 to take power and mark the beginning of Communist Russia. Since that time the palace has been in the hands of the Hermitage Museum.

From our viewing location near Birzevoi Bridge (Birzevoi Most) you can look east and see Zayachy Island. Peter and Paul Fortress, which covers most of the island is the birthplace of St. Petersburg. Peter the Great lived on the island in a log cabin during the early days of the city's founding. The gold steeple standing above the trees is the 270 year old (approx.) Cathedral of Peter and Paul.

The black spots on the frozen Neva River and in the foreground are people ice fishing. This was the first time B had seen real live ice fishing. His comment to L was, "We from the South do not walk on frozen water."

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