St. Petersburg, Russia
The North Bank of the Neva

It is early March - Spring Break. Most folks who have been wintering in colder climates tend to look for a warmer spot for Spring Break. But, an opportunity to see two of Russia's most prominent cities, was not to be missed, even in Winter.

Andrei, Dmitri, Alysa, and Oleg, students at UPenn's Wharton Business School organized and led the trip of eighty-ish Student's and partners.

The first city visited was St. Petersburg. This is the first photo from the first day. L is standing on the north bank of the Neva River (Bolshaya Neva). Behind her and across the frozen Neva is the Winter Place and Hermitage Museum.

Temperatures for most of the trip hovered near freezing. St. Petersburg has only about sixty days of sunshine a year. We were lucky enough to get two of those days. B, a lifelong Southerner, throughly enjoyed all the snow and cold. L, who grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, found B's reaction to the cold most amusing.

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