St. Petersburg, Russia
The Hermitage
The Raphael Loggias

Along the Winter Canal and running virtually the length of the Hermitage is a hall called the Raphael Loggias. A loggia is an open sided gallery, especially one forming part of a house and looking onto a court or garden. Upon first entering the hall, B told L that the hall reminded him of one they had seen that the Vatican. Later B found that he wasn't far from being correct.

In the 1770's Catherine the Great commissioned copies of a series of famous frescoes painted by Raphael and his students in the loggias of the Vatican. That series of frescoes has been called "Raphael's Bible." The eleven year constuction and later incorporation into the Hermitage of this structure is an interesting story in itself.

On the right is a pair of closed doors. Halfway down the hall on the right is a pair of open doors. Click on the above photo and you can view some the paintings between the two sets of doors.

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