Moscow, Russia
Okhotny Ryad Mall
Sun Roof

During the last few weeks (September 1999) Moscow has been hit with a series of terrorist bombings. One of the first to capture Western media attention was an explosion at the Okhotny Ryad Mall. It is a very upscale three story underground shopping center located just outside the north entrance to Red Square. It was opened in September 1997 just before the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

In the center of the mall is a fountain covered three stories above by a stained glass domed sun roof (photo above). The dome is topped with a statue of St. George slaying the dragon. The stained glass depicts a map of the northern hemisphere and, as visible in the photo, a sculpture of Moscow sits on the dome to mark the Russian capitalís location. Even on the overcast day of L&B's visit, the dome provided an impressive view from both in and outside the Mall.

To see an expanded and slightly different view click on the above photo.

Both photos were taken during late afternoon in fading light and blowing snow. The white spots on both photos are snow flakes on the lens and/or reflecting the flash.

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