Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The Maya

© 2000 B. Green & L. Brown

  Before the invasion of the Spanish,
there were the Maya.

There is still an argument as to whether
the Mayan roots go back to the Olmec or
one of the nomadic tribes in north central
Petén. But, one thing is unquestioned,
the Maya were masters of abstract
knowledge. They developed an original
system of writing with which they
recorded their history, sciences, and
religion. Their mathematics was not
equaled in Europe for centuries and
their 365 day calendar was more accurate
than the Gregorian calendar.

Today there are still more than 2 million
Maya in Mexico, Guatemala, and the
Honduras that retain elements of their

On the Sunset cruise of the Marigalante,
several Mayans performed a few of their
ritual ceremonies. Excluding the sunset,
it was the most impressive event of the
evening's cruise.

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