Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Cena con las Nubes
Dinner with the Clouds

© 2000 B. Green & L. Brown

  Along the southern shore of the Bay of Banderas (Bahia de Banderas) and about 20 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta on Highway 200 South is the Le Kliff Restaurant. Said to have been built as part of an attempt to develop a "cliff diving" attraction similar to that of Acapulco, Le Kliff offers multiple dining levels with great views of the ocean. The cliff diving never became a tourist draw. However, the view of the ocean is outstanding. Here, looking west, you can see the Sierra Madre kiss the ocean and the late afternoon clouds cross the peaks as they move out to sea.

As I watched the cloud mist shroud the peaks, felt the damp coolness gently drifting down the valley, and saw the sunset pastels turn to shades of gray, one of my thoughts was of Jurassic Park; gray clouds and mountain cliffs on the edge of the ocean. I looked up the valley and momentarily wondered what was lurking among the vegetation. Then, I looked across the table at L, and thoughts of cold blooded creatures were replaced by warm thoughts of her.

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