Ixtapa, Mexico

  L loves the beach. So, the choice of a get away was narrowed to simply this beach or that beach. Of course Brian at Mercury Travel would probably disagree with the term, simply. How many times did the plans change Brian?

The decision had considerations for schedules and costs, but was finally influenced by a hammock on the terrace (terrace view), good surf, and a quiet beach.

Ixtapa is about 10 kilometers north of Zihuatanejo.
Ok, so that tells you a lot.
How about, it is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico west of Mexico City and about 200 km. north of Acapulco.

The Westin Brisas - Ixtapa (above) has all of the little inlet of Playa Hermosa to itself. This was ideal since L&B wanted a quite beach.

L&B found the location very relaxing.

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