Zihuatanejo, Mexico
La Cena

  On the way to the beach one afternoon L&B met a couple from San Diego. The two had been coming to Ixtapa frequently over the last fifteen years. They highly recommended a restaurant in Zihuatanejo that was on the side of a hill overlooking Bahia de Zihuatanejo (Zihuatanejo Bay). Casa Que Canta is the restaurant. The name means "house what sings." B was told that the name was derived from the waves crashing on the rocks near the base of the cliff.

You enter at the top of the hill and descend stairs to one of the several terraced dining levels.

The evening that L&B visited Casa Que Canta there was a small wedding in progress on a deck level down near the water and just off to the left of the above photo.

One of L's favorite foods is coconut shrimp. Until Casa Que Canta the best that L&B had found was at Bubba Gump's in Lahaina on Maui. The coconut shrimp here were outstanding, as were the shrimp tamales. From appetizer to dessert (and we will forego details) L&B rated this meal as one of their top three .

L&B's top three meals since January 1998:
Roy's Nicolina (Maui, Hawaii, USA - Spring 1998)
Bateaux-mouches (Paris, France - Summer 1998)
Casa Que Canta (Zihautanejo, Mexico - Spring 1999)
- not in order of ranking.


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