Ixtapa, Mexico

  Within the Westin Brisas complex are several restauraunts. Two were listed for the morning meal, Restaurante Solarium and Restaurante Bellavista.

L&B had breakfast most mornings at Bellavista. They had wanted to try Solarium, but it was always reserved for a group function. McKinsey and Company's Mexico City office was having an office retreat or meeting and appeared to have their entire office, plus families there. The hotel had a few of its facilities dedicated to this gathering.

Bellavista is advertised as a meal with a view of the jungle. Indeed, while sitting at their table L&B could see many interesting plants and animals. Colorful birds, squirrels, and our friend below provided company for that first glass of orange or mango juice.

The iguana on the side of the building near L&B's table was just under a meter long. Though it gave a passing stare at the humans and their food, it was more interested in a playmate that was on a tree branch just below him/her.


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