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  Jerk Chicken

A few years ago there was a television show that centered around a medical school located in the islands. After hearing the characters mention "jerk sauce" in a few episodes, I called Jamaican friends, Norman and Anne Marie, and said, "Hey, what's this jerk stuff."

Norman gave me a brief explanation and informed me that Anne Marie was making fresh jerk rub that night and he would FedEx a jar to me (I was living in Dallas at the time). He also mentioned that Anne Marie was a bit annoyed that she could not find hot enough peppers in Houston. That should have warned me.

I tried it. It was hot. I liked it. I liked it a lot.
And later, I spent some time in a small room with good ventilation.

So, Anne Marie and Norman's recipe became my standard for good jerk.

Last Christmas, we were in Nagril. From the moment we landed, I was in quest of jerk chicken. We found one place that came close to measuring up to Norman and Anne Marie's jerk, and that only after I buddied up to the cook and kept requesting "non-tourist" jerk.

That trip left me a bit annoyed.

This trip I saw jerk on the menu at lunch the first day. I ignored it. However, about 11 PM I made my way back to the grill and had to give it a try. The cooks at this place met the Norman and Anne Marie standard. I had jerk chicken several times a day for the remainder of the stay.

Oh, what is jerk?
I'll let you know after I finish this plate.

© B. Green & L. Brown 2001


Kingston, Jamaica