Guilin, China

"No matter where you go, two things are always interesting to observe: the level of optimism on the faces of the very young and the scoring of history on the faces of the old. However beware, what you see is often a reflection of your own history."
......................................-Robert George

Our purpose in going to the village of Lonshan (Longsheng) was to visit the Shou family and see a bit of Chinese rural life.

The Shou family is a member of one of China's minority groups. One of our guides said that there are 56 ethnic groups recognized in China. Of China’s 1.3 Billion people the Han comprise about 95% of the population. Shou family belong to the Miao people.

The home we visited was of Shou Ton Kong, a rice farmer.
The photo above is that of his mother.

This photo was taken with an Olympus APS camera on 400 speed film.

Guilin, China

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