Beijing, China
The Great Wall

  Ok, so you go to China. What's high, if not first, on your list of things to see. Yes, you guessed it, the Great Wall.

The next question. Since we are near Beijing, did we go to the Great Wall at Badaling or Mutianya (if you have a guess, send it in
Email: L&B Guess and it will be answered in a future photo.)

And, finally, just what does that marker say?
This may not be answered unless one of you can read it.
(For the meaning look at the bottom of this page.)

The day we climbed The Wall it was hot (high 90's deg F) and very very hazy.

Written on the marker is an quote from Chairman Mao saying,
"You are not a real man if you haven't climbed the Great Wall."

Thanks to Lin Lin of Phillips Petroleum for the translation.

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