Cape May, New Jersey
The Inn at Cape May

It was a Friday in early September. It was a Labor Day weekend. And, there was a need to get away for a bit. L's August had been absorbed by B-School's pre-term course work. And, even though L had told B that since it was his birthday they should go wherever he wanted, B decided to find an ocean, knowing that L was a "water child" and needed to hear the crash of surf.

B's friend, Peggy Marshall, had recommended Cape May, New Jersey .
Cape May is the southern most tip of New Jersey, an extention of land with Delaware Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The town has a Victorian flavor that softens its tourist community nature.

B chose the Inn at Cape May because of its location. It was across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. And, it was also one of the few places that still had an available room. The restaurant at the Inn (ground floor and at the right of the above photo) was excellent. An evening meal on the porch was delightful. White rocking chairs were on all porches. Sitting in the evening air in a rocker with a cup of hot tea and the sounds to waves touching land provided nice prelude to a gentle good night.

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